Their Last Deed

was the dark morning drive

thru long streets of the DMV.


They spent blood, sweat and tears,

money collected over numerous years

to settle our new nest in comfort,


Mama’s love and hustle

cooking splendid meals

with splendid deals,

and becoming a Mama Dragon

when someone treats us ill,


Pops’ resilience fixing every obstacle,

inserting screws and bolts into walls

while simultaneously correcting technological flaws


he’s savvy,


but their last deed was liking

to a drive to my private high school

with Mom,

or a basketball practice

with Dad.


The only finger I lifted

pertained to their suitcase

in the trunk of the car,

and I watched them drive

us to where they would depart.


One hug he says

“Protect your family,”

One hug she says

“We love you always,”

and I watched their backs get smaller

until a honk to my bumper

sparked me to move on

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