“Auntie Nyla Auntie Nyla Auntie Nyla”

The family member you are,

you helped my big little sister move into her new house.


I was talking to you through your earphones,

and all I could hear was my nephew’s cheery little voice yelling repeatedly,


“Nyla Nyla Nyla.”


“Make sure he’s calling you Auntie Nyla,” I urged. “You have to make him say it.”


“It’s Auntie Nyla, Coby.”


I can only imagine his little face scrunching up for a moment after being corrected,

and then the next moment,

all I can hear through the phone is,


“Auntie Nyla Auntie Nyla Auntie Nyla.”


“What?” You ask as the sweet black dove you are.


And all he had to say was, “Hi”

with the most annoyingly adorable kid smile,


no doubt.

I dream of you

throughout blue midnights,

and full white moons.


Eyelids bring sweet darkness

that would make children

shut bathroom lights off

before they sleep.


Imaginations of you and me,

                            imaginations all I can see,

                                                        imaginations spinning to be


the red, black and green

butterflies deep in my stomach.

As each wing flutters up



more dark caterpillars roam,

and burst from cocoon homes.


Youthful darks join the flock

to the dark universe

creating all of us.


Only your right hand in mine,

and tallest mountains I climb

each and every time.

Makes one wonder

where I would be

with your whole body and mind.


Fashion body, mind and soul,

for dreams these are

to proclaim love bold

with your dark brown eyes

looking to me,

and butterflies fluttering

out of my stomach around us

as white snow softly touches the Earth

just as our lips lock,

and we float without effort

to the dark beauty

of the universe.


Snap fingers.


Wake to warm mornings

on sunny days.


I’ve never loved dreaming

so much as I do now.