Head Down

Lately my head has been down

constantly working my 9 to 5

in the footsteps of my father’s shadow.


I have not much interaction with my family

since I flew across states to see them all

at the funeral.


Social media posts aren’t as frequent

when bills are burning holes in my wallet,

being burned until there’s even holes in my wallet pocket.


We’re not living check to check,

but we’re still living with

our parents checking with our finances

ever so often,


but my head is down,

and we’re good with our bills

until they come back around

in the form of Friday’s Deebo

as we’re sitting on the porch of our income

eating our ramen,

and limiting fun excursions and explorations

to only one outing a week.


My head is down,

but I’m cooking up a proper life

full of peaceful seasons,

healthy fruits and vegetables,

and tree leaves we call money,


for our love epic to sustain forever.


My head is down

reading and learning

how to perfect my writing craft,

and it’s coming up slowly

to present new world findings.

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