While Working At Tarjay (Emporia Song)

a country song came on about a chicken fried on a Friday night, and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic hearing this tune by Zac Brown Band, thinking on times when I used to clean Emporia stalls in the old run-down Emporia mall   and man, I miss that lil ol racist town. There’s a … Continue reading While Working At Tarjay (Emporia Song)

First Name, Last Name

If I ring up one more guest and they mispronounce my first name by not implementing the “uh” and then the silent “L,” I will continue to smile and ring up the next guest because I can’t afford to lose the only job I have even though my name is apparently “Unusual” to Nancy and … Continue reading First Name, Last Name

Not A Domestication Girl

She can’t stand sitting in four walls any longer while I cashier for low pay, and come home to reminisce on my degree and watch her clipped wings bleed until grad school starts at Howard. i feel all i can do is kiss her goodbye, and come back to watch her bleed more when temp … Continue reading Not A Domestication Girl

Closing Shift

i finished closing an eight-hour shift doing Bullseyes’ work, and i literally just missed the only to take me straight home, and of course i was salty watching drunk descendants of Asia in their red, white and blue mini skirts and boat shoes on the eve of the colonizers Independence Day, tripping over themselves and … Continue reading Closing Shift