Miss KC

First Fridays on 18th and Vine

where Crossroads shows the true color divide

on the KC runway.


Jokes with the gang make the pain from racist realities fade away,

while we live bobbing our heads

and shaking our tail feathers

to IQ, AQ, or a DJ name for my homie

that’s worth bobbing to, vibing to,

boulevard harmonizing to,

yo and doo wopping to Ms. Lauryn Hill

tryna catch the “word”

and the wave

of thaat thing

thaat thing

thaat thiiinnng


until the dark night calls us to sleep.


All I know is

KC look damn good

in a bathing suit.

St. Louis and Wichita may disagree,

but I don’t got time nor want

to objectify where I’m from

like the city-version of a sexist scum

in order to make a picture-perfect point.


KC you are

crowned the royal chief

of the United States’ heart

with home colors

stained in red


and blue,


and we will miss you

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