Window to the Soul


Leave the window of your soul closed,

for a crisp wind of monsters

will come in when no one knows.


Dark liquid drip

                             drops from the window seal.

The sound of nothing letting you know the threat is real

the threat is inevitably coming for you.


They’re coming for you,



                                                                                      and you.

The monsters are coming for me too.



I prayed to God my soul to keep,

and awoke to red eyes over me.

My mind ran circles to escape,

but monsters had my soul to take,


and then there was light.

Birds chirp



I guess these nightmares won’t stop working

my brain and body on the other side,

a gust of wind waters my sleepy eyes.


My bedroom window is open to the morning sky.

I stand to feel my feet and I find

dark liquid dripped

                                    dropped from that window of mine,

and that’s when I suddenly realized


monsters came through my window last night

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