Word To My Mother

So I’ve decided to dedicate this first post to my mother. I already called her this morning to wish her a happy birthday, but I figured that I’d show my appreciation publicly. I couldn’t get her a present except for my presence at the party last weekend because I’m a broke college student taking summer classes at the moment, but hopefully this will be a good present to showcase my appreciation to her.

Now, I know that there are a lot of strong mothers out there and that there’s some kid who thinks that his/her mom is the best, and that may be true, but I want everyone to know that my mother is included in that group of women. Not only is she strong-willed, but she is smart, humble (two characteristics that can be very hard to combine in one personality), wise, focused, fun and most importantly, loving.

My mother is one of the best moms out there and I want her to know that I love and appreciate her to the fullest. I know I may not show it, but let this be a testament to that fact. You are wonderful and amazing, and I promise that I will capitalize off of all of the sacrifices that you have made since the day that you gave birth to me.

So as you can see, my mother is awesome. She’s been one of the strongest women in my life and no post can do her any real justice. Her presence is something that is truly cherished and valued.

Love you, mom and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!…again.