Just a writer trying to have my voice be heard. I write poetry, short-stories, and I even dabble in entertainment and hard news every now and then. At the moment, I’m working hard on my manuscript for my first fiction novel while attending college. Expect to read a little bit of everything on this blog including poems, short-stories (the obvious), movie reviews, album reviews, updates on celebrity projects (i.e. the next big Leonardo DiCaprio movie), U.S. problems, world problems, and most importantly, my opinion on some of the topics proposed.

Besides all of that, enjoy thesightofvaleer website, and try telling a friend about a post that you may agree or even disagree with. Just be sure to keep the sparing clean and respectable in the comment section. Happy reading!

Note: This is not TMZ. So do not expect any celebrity gossip unless it pertains to their field of work in some way, and even then, I’ll be sure to triple check my sources to be sure that the information is more fact than gossip. In other words, there will not be any updates on the lifestyles of any members of the illustrious Kardashian/Jenner clan…You’re welcome.


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