Closing Shift

i finished closing
an eight-hour shift
doing Bullseyes’ work,
and i literally just missed
the only to take me straight home,

and of course i was salty
watching drunk descendants of Asia
in their red, white and blue
mini skirts and boat shoes
on the eve of the colonizers
Independence Day,

tripping over themselves
and their inherent freedom
all the way to the club
all the way to the booze
all the way to their friends
all the way to no cares in the world,

Oh and did I mention,
they were all the way
to exercising their freedom?

i had to take four train transfers,
and a twenty minute bus ride
in my blue Bullseye gear from work,

just to get home
at midnight thirty,
and go to sleep.

Forever waited
all night
for me,

and this
is what made it
all worth it.

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