That One Friend Of Yours

i don’t wanna come off crazy,

but she makes me feel funny,

like after all of her stories

realities punchline will hit ya’ll

right in the gut of your proposed friendship.


My ears don’t hustle for unnecessary voices,

but her’s was all up in my ear last night

talkin bout blissful ignorance of our people

when i was tryna fall asleep,

and ya’ll were on the phone.


It seems as though

you are the cork

in her screwed up world,

this cruel world’s got this girl

pourin’ to you,

The Psychologist

Oh i meant to say “her friend,”

but she seems to be comin to you

again and

again and




she comes to you more than me,

and i just don’t understand

how this girl can come to you

more than your own man.


i just feel like


she’s using you,

and it may not seem like abuse,

but low-key she’s abusing you.



narcissism is sparking this flame

as i know coming to me after all

this will be the first thing on your brain,


and i am

sorry for that.


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