Humble Abode

Africa in art

surmises our home

a museum of wonders,

guests unsure if touching

canvases on our walls is okay,

but forreal it’s okay,



you really don’t have a reason

to touch the pieces anyway.



the invitation is extended

to few,

but could be enjoyed

by many

given the proper education,

and a youthful dark upbringing.


Turn off the lights

in our illustrious bathroom,

and feast your eyes on

the green glowing jellyfish

in the beautiful darkness


we have come to light

in the DMV

in Chocolate City

with my black hair cut

shedding off the skin of my rebellious

Black Panther days,

some might call a Black Panther phase,

but in reality,

you could never cut my Black Panther



far far away

in the wilderness,


where we will walk out

the front door of our home

to slave everyday

without fear of what tomorrow brings

because we know our past,

have lived through today,


and I am home right now,

so I will return.

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