White Tears

“I juss don’t like ‘em,” he slurred. His pink lips were crusted and bubbly spit started building on the edge of his mouth from talking. “I on’t like ‘em because they toxic to ‘Merican people and to the worl’. If you ask me, we’d all be better off without them damn black people.”

The man stepped away from the pulpit to sit and a sharp pain of feedback from the microphone screeched throughout the church.

There was no response from the crowd.

Behind the pulpit, passed the choir stand filled with dead whalers and an unattended organ, a golden Jesus hung. A light illuminating atop His frail and decrepit body.

Dark silence consumed the church for a brief moment. They decided to light candles for tonight’s meeting instead of using light bulbs. The discussion felt more natural to them if something was burning nearby.

A few people rubbed their pale arms and blew into their long cold fingers. The air was dry and cool as it wisped on by. Less than half of the rows were filled with white faces–the only faces. One by one, body by body, face by face, soul by soul, they sniffled, coughed and readjusted in their seats. They seemed to be comfortably uncomfortable in His presence.

Jesus was facing them. Jesus was watching them in all his bleeding love and dying empathy.

The sound of wood crackled from the rows. It was the type of poplar wood that would split if one were to wrap their beaten hands around it and pull too hard.

She and her blonde hair and blue eyes stepped up to the pulpit. Creases outlined her broad grin and cratered dimples. There was a gleam in her eyes when they fluttered to the crowd.

They heard the guy just before, but her…They listened to her when she spoke.

“Tonight we must make a decision,” she said. Her dialect was clear to all. “Destroy the negroids and parish in the process, or use them as James Sims and Raymond Vonderlehr once did. See, we’ve been going about this race thing all wrong. You don’t fight your enemy with your fists. No, they’re much too strong for that. But with the mind…with chemicals. We dismember their minds from their bodies, and then we take what is rightfully ours. We take them.”

Heads motioned up and down, and one yin-crusted hand slapped the other yang.

“Take off those fucking hoods and robes,” she looked from an illuminated Jesus back to the rows and continued. “Because we don’t need that shit anylonger. We have the key–the skeleton key. So they may have all of the power and strength, but we are gods of science. We are everlasting, and nothing can trump that.”

She held up an open right hand to the ceiling and looked to the crowd. All of those white arms followed suite, raised arms in salute, and lowered them together.

“Thank you all for your input in this discussion. Now, let’s bring in the first subject. Men…”

Claps echoed throughout the rows. The white woman motioned a backstage reveal and two men with loaded holsters came dragging a dark brown woman.

Her clothes were ripped and her body wet with sweat. A little round earth was firm beneath her open breasts, and blank faces watched. She did not screech in terror for she was used to these displays by now.

It was easier to just take it.

The brown woman was thrown to her knees and her arms pulled open to the crowd by the two men.

“This is their queen,” the white woman stepped to her while addressing the crowd.

Her pale hand squeezed that little brown face, rubbed all the way down her neck and to her breasts. When those hands got to the stomach, she tapped three times with the tip of her finger nail and smiled with those sharp white teeth.

The dark skinned woman raised her head sluggishly to the white woman. Her braided hair was loosening and a sweat droplet was slowly moving from her forehead to the purple beneath her left eye socket.

“Kill me,” the dark woman gasped. “Kill me now.”

“Kill you?” the white woman laughed and the crowd joined. “Darling, we don’t want to kill you. What would we do without you?”

The white woman giggled and kissed the brown cheek. Then she held up the woman’s face and pressed her pink lips upon her mouth. She looked into those brown eyes and showed her white teeth once again.

“Are you ready to be conquered?” she asked.

The dark woman lowered her head and the sound of a belt rattled beside her. One of the men had loosened their blue jeans.

With two steps, his hairy ass was to the crowd and his head up to the heavens.

And they all watched. Golden Jesus watched too.

Everyone jumped in their wooden seats and some of the rows split. A popping sound rang off in their ears and they all looked to the man standing. Behind the pulpit, the white woman’s mouth agape in anticipation.

The man grabbed his pants and stepped to the side. His holster was empty and the dark brown woman’s body dropped to the floor, pistol in her loose hand and crimson spouting from her head.

Another pop, and the crowd jumped again. More frightful this time. The popping came from just outside of those holy doors.

The white woman quickly looked from the bleeding body beside her and began leading the way to the church doors.

All of those rows split when they all stood to follow her. Her hand on the knob, she twisted it slowly. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know what was really out there or not, but her curiosity prevailed over her fright.

The door slowly swung open and the sight of black and brown people were everywhere in the darkness of a cold night.

One by one, body by body and soul by soul, those black and brown bodies stood with blank faces. Filling the streets and the sidewalks standing straight.

The white woman’s open eyes looked closer to their hands, which all wielded small pistols.

Her white congregation stood stunned and worried to death.

With no words spoken, they all moved together, in formation.

The white woman pushed everyone back into the church and slammed the door behind them. Her breaths were heavy and full of fear.

Popping sounds began in rapid fire and they all jumped behind split rows and to the ground to avoid death.

The sounds of fire continued for almost one whole minute when the white people realized there were no holes in their holy walls. No one was dead, and no one was hurt.

Confused, the white woman slowly opened the door once again.

Those blue eyes witnessed one body drop after another as the popping began to end. The black and brown people were putting the pistols to their heads.

The last one looked the white woman straight in the eyes and showed his white teeth with a wide grin before the last–pop.

Her blue eyes saw those bleeding bodies lay on the dark pavement for miles upon miles.

Tears began to form and slowly drop down her soft red cheeks.


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