Fish Tank Us

Living room fan rotating the night’s air.

Spinning and turning,

                     spinning and turning,

                                      spinning and turning

until all of the color in the room focused.

A fish tank full of water stand majestic.

Now imagine with me,

                         imagine with me,

                                            imagine with me

four fish sleeping at the bottom of the tank.


We are on the couch watching

these fish start to swim and scurry,

they seem to be in a hurry


Look closer to see the truth.

The biggest fish runs the coop.

The lightest fish mostly goes unscathed,

and colorful fish are the most behaved.

The brightest fish is a real odd ball

because it just swims up and down like,

Rise            Rise            Rise

            fall.            fall.             fall.


Ironically the brightest fish is the most attacked

though its personality is the most intact.


Another fish that seems to know its place

is the dark one that rarely shows its face.

It doesn’t seem to really have much action

and its darkness has no appeal or attraction,


but look closer in a span of time.

The dark fish is truly one of a kind.


I mean, it pretty much cleans the tank for me

while all the other fish try to find Nemo and Dori,

and they really claim that for their life story.


While dark fish help God make the world go round

the big fish make sure that they run the town

the light fish unscathed, by themselves they’re found

the colorful fish are like drones, they don’t make a sound

the bright fish stay the same, going up




Now we’re sitting there on the couch,

Wondering what life is all about.


Living room fan still spinning and turning

the night’s air is now filled with color

around us are thoughts of “just keep swimming,”

and imagine with me,


a fish tank full of us.

Now isn’t that fucked up?


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