To Feel On My Own (Poem)

to feel on my own

using freedom Sky has given me,

For it not be genuine.

like a woman who swoons for the taste of pink salmon,

But consumes a hot dog instead.

a man who meets Sky on rest day,

But really wants to dream his day away.


I will not be chained to actions of society

and words they speak.

for I am not like those who have come before me.

tangled in their words.

“speak of our culture,” they say.

“tell of our story,” they pronounce.

“Speak of love,” She says.

“For that is something that everyone can be reminded of.”






this is the process of coming to a realization of defeat.

Insanity overtakes the mind for No Known Reason.

Why should I be Confined to this word with Several Meanings?

i won’t

No, I Shain’t.

Curse these thoughts that escape me!

and then there was nothing



sitting on a wooden bench as poets do,

birds singing with ringing of insects.

motors rumbling down Commercial,

and Sky watches.

the sun pierces my left eye.

It sits right in front of me on the bench.

the two of them may Be,

but in their eyes i See.



“fucking love,” i smile and repeat.

“tis something I would never write of.”

and just as i thought i could escape Her Webb of chain,

i find myself writing about love again.

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