The Walking Casualty 

And just like that, i felt far away from her.

i felt as if i meant no more than a penny to her,

And that idea cut deep into my flesh.

Her words blew me away,

And in a whirlwind of pain,

i watched the tree branches just outside of my window flutter.

All of my problems,

And this tree just stood tall staring at this man-child.

The blue sky and bigger trees consume the background,

And i wonder if i know what it all means.

Hope was all that i could muster.

And peace was all that i wanted most.

These roots were like the words that i could not seem to mouth to her.

The girl

oh the girl,

in all her beauty and sweet kindness.

i never thought on the first day,

that i would lay where i am now.

Far away from her words,

Yet, so close to her destruction.

And just like that, i walk on as a casualty,

hoping that what has once happened before,

doesn’t happen again.

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